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After 20 years in buisness we have mastered to custom build any Type of closets and cabinets for your kitchen, bedroom, garage, entertainment centers and more...


Custom closet installation is a big job that requires extremely close attention to detail. That's why you'll benefit from the skilled approach that Closets La Quinta offer.


Our certified kitchen Cabinet designers are standing by to make your dream kitchen a reality by offering custom kitchen cabinets & kitchen cabinets & kitchen remodeling services in La Quinta and sounding cities.


Custom garage cabinets will maximize your available space and create a custom designer look that can extend throughout your entire home.


When it comes to cabinet refacing in La Quinta and surrounding cities, Closet La Quinta Cabinetry is a name that stands out from the rest. Since 1995, we have been a premier name throughout Coachella Valley for cabinet refacing.

About Us

With more than 20 years of experience, Closets La Quinta Cabinetry captures a sincere & intimate reflection of every owners' individual style, sense of refinement and true inspiration. Through elevating a commitment to old world craftsmanship & high-end custom woodwork, Closets La Quinta Cabinetry defines its reputation as accomplished wood artisans of kitchen, bath storage, garage cabinetry.

Beyond our passionate role as cabinetmakers, Closets La Quinta Cabinetry offers thoughtful kitchen design to preserve style, while adding modern day functionality & ergonomics. Nevertheless, cabinetry & customized furniture create solutions which extends life, beauty and utility throughout any well-designed environment. From the kitchen to the bath…great room to the home office…wine cellar to the bar…library to the theater…wardrobe closet to the bedroom and every room in between, Closets La Quinta Cabinetry designs, hand-crafts & finishes custom cabinetry with exceptional quality to suit your personal style & serve your daily unfolding needs.

Our Closets and cabinets are custom made by Closets La Quinta, they use the finest materials testful design providing me with my dream design.

Loren Coilo /Palm Deset

Featured Services

Home Office

Looking for a way to bring a clean, organized look to your Office? Closets La Quinta Cabinetry is a perfect solution to custom build your Office cabinets to organize everything out of sight and bringing the nice, neat. look you desire.

Intertainment Centers

We can work with any type of wood but the most common woods used in the construction of entertainment centers are, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Birch, Walnut, Alder & Hickory. Solid wood surfaces can be stained or painted to any color to match any entertainment room remodeling project.


Custom pantries manufacturing and installation. With custom manufactured pantries cabinets we can take advantage of the available space and give your pantries that one of a kind look.